Your waist – your ideal measurements – what is beautiful?

Most men view a woman’s figure as attractive if she has a certain proportion in the size of her waist and hips. Women are preferred as potential partners if this ratio is about 0.7.

You can calculate this ratio for yourself here:

This hourglass figure is the most attractive when a woman has a few curves, meaning she is not too fat or too skinny. Marilyn Monroe, for example, had a waist-hip ratio of 0.67. You should therefore make sure to maintain a healthy balance.

What about the men?

A waist-hip ratio (WHR) of more than 1 is not only worrying from a health perspective. Fat reserves are only attractive if they are in the right places. You need a little bit of a waist, ideally with a WHR of no more than 0.8 if you are to attract women.

The measurement for this is performed on a standing person by measuring the area between costal arch and iliac crest. Hip circumference is measured at the tip of the bone on the upper thigh.
Why is all of this important? As always, your genes are to blame. Everything that indicates health and youth is perceived as attractive, as it is tied to reproduction and the most effective way of passing on genes to the next generation. This means that your perspective of ideal body proportions is partially biologically determined.

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