Your ideal weight – losing weight through exercise

Those who exercise and run a lot are best served by not having to drag that much weight around with them. Too much strain caused by excess weight can be harmful to your joints.

Calculate ideal weight

feet / inches
  These values are appropriate
for someone of your age:
  Age BMI

  19-24 19-24
  25-34 20-25
  35-44 21-26
  45-54 22-27
  55-64 23-28
  > 64 24-29
If you want to know how much someone of your height should weigh to come close to your ideal weight, just enter your height and desired BMI into the ideal weight calculator.

From the table, you can tell which BMI values are appropriate/normal for someone of your age. If you want to lose weight, you should approach this from two directions: Move often, for long periods of time and with a lot of energy. And keep your hands off the sugar!

To put it simply: Our bodies do not like to give up fat deposits once they create them. Also, structures deeply ingrained in the depths of our brain stem are hungry for carbohydrates. However, if you do manage to completely do without sugar for a longer period (1-2 weeks are completely sufficient), this will change the nature of your hunger sensations. Your cravings for sugar will disappear. Try it out!
Don’t go on a diet! If long-term weight loss is a serious goal of yours, you need to make a conscious decision to do it. You need to be aware that it has a price – it costs energy and can be uncomfortable.

Short runs to the bakery will sometimes no longer be an option. You will often have to say no to the unbelievable amount of sweet goods and easy-prep meals available in this country.

Instead of watching TV, go to the gym, go for a jog in the park, or play with your kids. You won’t miss anything.

Start cooking for yourself again. It’s fun, tastes good and you know exactly what is in your food.
Take your bike to work. If you have several options, pick the active and healthy one! This way, you will quickly approach your ideal weight as long as you include exercise in your daily life, helping you to lose weight without diets.


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