Find your optimal pulse frequency and determine your maximum heart rate

If you regularly run longer courses, you can optimise your performance by setting changing demands on yourself in your weekly training sessions.

It makes sense to complete certain workouts in certain pulse frequency ranges. You should find out – before you start running – which ranges your training heart rate should occupy. To do this, you should know your maximum heart rate.

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Your maximum heart rate is: BPM
If you don’t know your maximum heart rate, you can buy/rent a heart rate monitor or have yourself measured at the gym. You can also determine it by counting your heartbeats after pushing yourself to your limits. You can also use a simple formula, which however will produce a rough estimate. Simply subtract your age from 220. In order to measure your optimal heart rate, however, you will need to know your maximum heart rate.

How do I determine my maximum heart rate?

Do a relaxed warmup for 5-10 minutes. Then, run as fast as you can for three minutes and at a more relaxed pace for two minutes. Then, speed it up to your maximum pace again for another three minutes, giving all that you have. Measure your heart rate immediately afterwards. This is your maximum heart rate.


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