lose weight Losing weight - You want to lose weight but don't know how? Be clever! Don't hop around the room with a red face, flailing your limbs around and making a fool of yourself. There are other ways of burning calories - at home and with the blinds drawn More ...

Marathon time

Target time in the marathon - Would you like to know your predicted target time for a course you haven't run yet? Here you can enter any distance and have your predicted time for that distance calculated. To do so, you just have to submit information on 2 previously run distances and times. More ...

Training heart rate

Heart rate monitor - So you have decided to start running and you just give it a go. Gasping for air and close to a heart attack, you realise after a few hundred metres that you will never make it to the marathon this way. After you've come to your senses again, you ask yourself if there's another way to do it. There is ...


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