Running workouts for the elderly

What kind of performance curve can you expect while running at an older age? How fast will you be in five or ten years? The usual rules apply to exercise: Your performance will decrease as you get older. This calculation tool can help you predict your performance. Enter your running performance for a certain age, and use it to calculate a new time for a different age.
Female long-distance runners reach their zenith at around 34, men at 31.
Leistungskurve im Alter bei Laufen
The maximum efficiency of long-distance running is reached at the age of 31 to 34 years. There is a loss of performance of about half a percent per year. How hard it is going downhill depends on many factors: for example, how long you have been running, how intensively you train, how your lifestyle is.

Also, if you start running at an age beyond 30, you can achieve good performance and do something for your health. Running also trains the condition and the metabolism in the later age, it protects the heart, builds muscles and regulates the body weight. Many good reasons, therefore, to continue the sport or even and especially in a high age to start with it. Because it is never too late for running.


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