What is a turbo workout?

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to be in shape without having to try or invest time? With a turbo workout, you can achieve the latter of the two. If you invest around 20 minutes two to three times a week, you can measurably increase your body’s performance capacity. This is optimal for all of us who suffer from a lack of free time. You can do this workout while running, swimming or cycling, as well as any other kind of aerobic exercise.

For the turbo workout, you should warm up for five minutes. Then you run at full speed for 30 seconds and continue running at a slow pace for the next three minutes. Repeat this exercise three times. So: Warm-up, four sprints and three minutes of slow running in between. Afterwards, run at a cooldown pace for five minutes.
What should you think about this? To tell the truth, it’s nothing new. Every ambitious athlete integrates such workout sessions into his or her weekly training regimen. But if you have neglected your speed training up to now, you should include the turbo workout into your programme. You will definitely benefit from it. Even if you’re not necessarily in good shape, the programme is good at improving your level of fitness. While it won’t put you in shape to run a marathon on its own, it is a fine supplement to moderate long workout sessions.


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