Calculate your body mass index – BMI

Do you feel fat? The body mass index can help you put things in perspective. You can calculate your BMI using the following formula: weight in kilogrammes / height squared.

To calculate your BMI, enter your information here:

feet / inches
  These values are normal for your age:
lb   Age BMI

  19-24 19-24
  25-34 20-25
  35-44 21-26
  45-54 22-27
  55-64 23-28
  > 64 24-29
Health problems typically only arise among those significantly over- or underweight, such as those with anorexia, for example. Pay more attention to the weight you feel healthy at. Drastic weight loss routines usually don’t help much and seldom last long. Instead, make sure to exert yourself regularly. Frequent exercise helps you lose weight. After all, who wants to starve themselves? Your body weight is most likely genetically determined for the most part.

The body mass index does not take the proportion of different types of body tissue into account. A very muscular man could easily be just as overweight as a man of his exact height and size who has the same amount of fat tissue. In order to properly determine whether someone is more “wide” than fat, you would need to conduct a body fat measurement as well.
A study of the German population came to the following conclusions for women: A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal. 57% of the female adult population is of normal weight. The same was true of 75% of those between 18-20 and 37% of those between 70-75.

A BMI under 18.5 is considered underweight. With increasing age (up to 75), the proportion of those underweight continuously decreases, although it is only less than 10% among those older than 25.

A BMI of 25 or more is considered overweight. The share of those of normal weight steadily decreases until the age of 75. On the other hand, the proportion of overweight people overall (12% among those between 18-20, 62% for those between 70-75) as well as that of the mildly overweight (10% to 42%) and the obese (2% to 20%) continuously increases. Among those 55-60 and beyond, the amount of overweight people “outweighs” the amount of those with a normal weight.


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