How large is your lung volume?

The amount of time you can spend holding your breath indicates what your lung volume is. Just for fun: How long can you hold your breath? Just click the “Measure time” button. Click it again when you can no longer hold your breath.

Just click the “Measure time” button

People reach their maximum capacity at around 20 years of age, where average lung volume is 3-4 litres. For older people, it can fall as far as under 2 litres.

Competitive swimmers can hold up to 8 litres in their lungs, and freedivers up to 10. Endurance training can increase your lung volume. If you dive, you can significantly improve your performance capacity with the help of aerobic exercise.

When you undergo a lung function exam performed by a doctor, various procedures are used. These include spirometry and body plethysmography. Both procedures provide a rather exact measurement of the amount of air your lungs can take in or exhale.


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