Posture technique

Learning to run – even as an adult, this might become a challenge for you again.

Have you ever considered that there might be techniques which can help you to run in a faster, more energy-efficient or healthier manner? Posture technique promises to do just that.
What does it mean? The term “posture“ means the way you position your body while running, and also indicates what the central element of the technique is: A controlled forward falling motion and a quick retraction of the feet under the body comprise the running motion. The advantage of this movement is that less muscle activity is needed; at the same time, it provides better shock absorption. Gravity is exploited to drive the body forward. The feet push forward just under the body’s centre of gravity. The frequency of steps is significantly increased in comparison with conventional running styles.

Posture technique can help alleviate certain types of discomfort experienced while running. Those who have prepared themselves to run a marathon before can especially appreciate this. According to posture experts, you can even go without using special shock-absorption running shoes, as considerably less strain is exerted on your body.

You should decide on one running style. Posture technique takes time and patience to learn, and it also requires a running seminar or similar forms of training.


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